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“Not only couldn’t I imagine living anywhere else—I simply wouldn’t. I’m a good man,
a faithful husband, a loving father, and a responsible citizen. What I do has a purpose—
and that purpose is to keep Korvosa safe. It might not be a glamorous job, but it’s as
important as anything else. So if you’re looking for trouble, might I suggest Magnimar or
Kaer Maga? You’ll save yourself some hard labor and me a lot of paperwork if you do.”
—Captain Tevigant Bereskan, Korvosan Guard, South Shore Garrison

“Why do I live here? Why live in the most regimented, law-abiding, oppressive city this side
of Bloodsworn Vale? Answer’s simple, mate. With the Sable Company flapping around in
the clouds, Hellknights stomping around on the streets, and the Korvosan Guard caught
between them, no one knows who’s got jurisdiction over what. You just gotta know when
to hide and know when to bribe. Now, you wanna buy this magic dagger or not?”
—Corb “Birdtongue” Meever, Cerulean Society Fence

Korvosa has long stood as the first bastion of civilization on the wild frontier of Varisia. Yet tragedy seems to haunt the city’s royal bloodline. Few of her rulers rule for long, and none have lived to a ripe old age, dying instead well before their time. Heirs to the throne are few and far between—in its 300-year history, no king of Korvosa has directly inherited the Crimson Throne from his father. This is the source of much gossip and tale-spinning among the city’s citizens, who speak in hushed tones of what they have come to call the Curse of the Crimson Throne.

Curse of the Crimson Throne

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