Curse of the Crimson Throne

Arrival of the Order of the Green Chameleon

They predator becomes the prey

Illendrian felt a pang of guilt as the locking mechanism on the door to the artisan’s shop popped open. This couldn’t wait until morning, and while all he needed was a bottle of green pigment and a paint brush, he wasn’t big on breaking in to a local business to accomplish his task. The search didn’t take long and while no one would even know he was here, he still didn’t feel right about stealing from an innocent shop owner – especially given recent events. Scribbling a short note “For your troubles…”, he dropped that and a couple of gold crowns on the counter before silently slipping back out into the night (making sure to lock the door behind him).

Step two was much easier – if not a little more gruesome. Finding an abandoned building was easy, as was locating an interior room inside. Knowing his light source wouldn’t draw any unwanted attention here, Illendrian pulled a sunrod from his bag and struck the tip, bathing the room in a yellowish light. Next out of the bag were the two severed heads of the Red Mantis assassins the group had encountered earlier in the day – helmets and all. Finally came the dye and brush.

Laying the template he had carefully crafted, a few quick brush strokes marked a green chameleon directly between the eyes on each of the Mantis’ masks. A few more brush strokes and the back of the masks were marked with “This is just” and “the start” respectively. Extinguishing the sunrod, Illendrian headed out for his final stop of the night.

Crouching in the shadows, Illendrian sat patiently watching the guards on this end of the bridge. They looked bored, very bored. One had already dozed off and the other didn’t look far behind. So far, there was no sign of any wandering patrols either. This might actually be easy, he thought to himself.

It didn’t take all too long for the second guard to nod off, and Illendrian quickly took the opportunity to get to work. With a small effort of will he was suddenly wearing a perfect match to the guard’s outfits and armor. Emerging from the shadows, he headed straight for the bridge. His message needed to be seen by as many people as possible, and what better way to announce the Green Chameleon’s presence to both the Mantis and the Queen herself than with a public display – a grotesque and embarrassing one at that.

Thankfully, the night was cloudy and hid the moon, allowing Illendrian to remain unnoticed on the center of the bridge as he went to work. Driving two spears into the wood in the center of the bridge, Illendrian pulled the now-painted masks from his bag and drove the heads down onto the other end of the spears with a sick squishing sound. Taking a minute to admire his handywork – despite its disturbing nature – Illendrian turned and strode off confidently into the night, past the sleeping guards, and back into the shadows….



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