Curse of the Crimson Throne

Preventing a war

When the Sun Shaman, Chief Ready-Klar, and the other Shoanti braves returned to Flameford the next day, they found the camp in a shambles from the previous night’s battle and celebration. It took some time for things to get back to normal in Flameford, but the Sun Shaman doesn’t wait. He invited the PCs into his home to speak to them personally.

He explained that Wwrd of the PCs’ heroics and bravery has spread quickly through the Cinderlands, and as the Shoanti realized that even tshamek can become heroes of their people, the concept of waging war against them started to seem more and more ridiculous. With the aid of the elder clans, talk of war on Korvosa swiftly comes to a halt, and assuming that the trouble with Queen Ileosa can be resolved, a lasting peace between the two peoples might be closer than ever.



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