Curse of the Crimson Throne

The Conclusion of the Plague

With the Cult of Urgathoa culled, the plague doctors unmasked, and Dr. Davaulus and Lady Andaisin dead, the party emerges from their trials heroically. With the notes on the plague from Davaulus, Rolth, and Ramoska, the PCs are able to help quickly find a cure to blood veil and save hundreds more lives.

The PC’s revelation that Andaisin hinted at the Queen’s involvement, coupled with what they already know, has made Cressidia and Marcus quite worried and cautious. They cannot comprehend that the Queen, however vain and unpleasant, could be the source of such evil, and they believe that no one else would easily believe it as well. No evidence was found within the temple or any of the accomplices’ notes to tie the evildoers to the Queen. It does not mean they cannot see the uncanny connections either, they just don’t know how they could legally gain any ground against her.

Cressidia and Marcus both agree to start their own investigations to try and dredge something up, but if the Queen was involved, she has covered her tracks well. The only people the crimes can be pinned on at this point were the Cult of Urgathoa (a very reasonable judgement, based on their love of death, undeath, and so forth) and the Red Mantis – and all those involved are either now dead or at large.


Varek paced anxiously around the small room that served as the common area in the abandoned warehouse they’d been couped up in most of the last few weeks while Tiora sat fidgeting at the table. “Relax,” she said “he wouldn’t have called this meeting if it weren’t important to this mystery cause of his. We’re finally going to find out why he brought us here.”

“You’re just as excited as I am Ti.” Varek retorted. “You’ve been rapping your fingers on that table for twenty minutes now…”

“Maybe” she responded with a wry smile, “I guess I’m just better at hiding it!”

Varek opened his mouth to crack a joke but was interrupted mid-thought as Illendrian swung open the door and came walking into the room, Oberron at his side. “Varek, Tiora. Good to see you both in high spirits! We’ll see if that keeps up, I think it’s time I shared with you my plan.”

With that, Varek took a seat next to Tiora as Illendrian continued on, “But first, we eat. I figured the both of you could use a hearty meal and some mead to wash it down. It’s the least I can do on these increasingly less frequent visits of mine.” As the two began digging in to the assorted meats and cheeses, Illendrian set down a plate of sausages for Oberron and began his speech…

“I want to start by thanking you both for having patience with me and repaying the faith I placed in each of you to stick around while the puzzle pieces fell into place. When I said we would be doing good in this city I meant it, and while it’s taken a bit longer than anticipated, our hour is finally at hand.
p. I have now been able to confirm that the Red Mantis are operating within our city. Our goal – simply put – is to put an end to that. To rid Korvosa of these filth!”

Tiora has stopped eating – her jaw slack at the mention of the Red Mantis. Varek meanwhile had spit out his ale, “WHAT?! Are you crazy, they are NOT a group to be trifiled with!”

“I know, I almost became one not realizing I was being corrupted until it was almost too late. They killed my father, and are directly tied to this plague that has spread throughout our fair city. They must not….WILL NOT…win. Join me in the fight. Together we can make a difference. Together we will drive them from this city. Starting today, the Red Mantis will fear the Order of the Green Chameleon.”

It wasn’t flashy, nor long, but it seemed to do the trick. Resolve started to harden in their eyes as Illendrian eyed his two recruits. Together they would do great things.

Tiora was the first to speak, “I’m in. No one tries to destroy our city and get away with it.” Illendrian nodded acknowledgement, a broad smile stretching across his face as he turned to Varek.

Tiora gave him a playful nudge on the shoulder. “Me too,” Varek responded. “Though if the rumors I’ve hear are true I don’t think I can match their skill with a blade.”

Illendrian placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “Worry not friend, open conflict against them is not our plan of attack. We’ll beat them at their own game. Subtlety and shadows is how we’ll win this hidden war. That’s why I choose the chameleon. Not only are they natural predators to the mantis, but they blend in as well. They’ll never see us coming…”

“I’m glad both of you wanted to join the cause. It will be slow going at first, but as long as we practice patience and caution we will come out as the victors. To that end, Tiora, you’re in charge of recruitment and developing a network of information. Remember, we are a secret organization so recruit wisely and don’t divulge our true purpose until you are certain you can trust them. Varek, we’ll need a base of operations. Someplace safe and innocuous. Maybe even hidden with a cover location. I’m open to ideas. Once setup I have a small armory to start us off with.”

With that Illendrian stood. “Come on boy, we best be off, we’ve more work to do. Godspeed friends. I’ll be in touch soon…”

The Conclusion of the Plague

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