Glorio Arkona


The patriarch of one of Korvosa’s most powerful noble families, it is rumored Glorio has ties to most, if not all, of Korvosa’s criminal underworld.

The current Lord Arkona breaks somewhat from the tradition of his forebears. Unlike every previous Lord Arkona, Glorio leaves the dark walls of Arkona Hall to attend various social functions. He frequently walks through Old Korvosa (surrounded by bodyguards both seen and unseen, of course), handing out candies to the dirty children and silver pieces to their despondent parents. Glorio publicly demonstrates affection for his cousin and second-in-command, Melyia, whose unearthly beauty counters her lord’s rather average appearance. Scandalous rumors abound as to the nature of their relationship, but rather than crush such rumors and make their whisperers disappear, Glorio seems to revel in the attention they create. Wherever he and Melyia go, eyes follow—even when those eyes belong to the equally beautiful and jealous queen of Korvosa herself.

Lord Glorio Arkona’s surprising arrival on the political scene in 4704 heralded a new and unexpected direction for the family. Long tolerated in the higher circles, House Arkona has become suddenly a force to be reckoned with not only on, under, and above the streets, but also in the royal court and posh sitting rooms of the nobility. Regardless of Glorio’s future successes, House Arkona shall not soon forget the legitimacy he has brought to his secretive and sinister family.

Glorio Arkona

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