Shadowcount Sial

Ambitious Zon-Kuthonite and Member of the Brother of Bones.


Sial comports himself with an air of superiority, always walking with his chin held high and his expression one of knowing disdain. When interacting with those outside the Brotherhood, Sial typically speaks slowly and softly, as though addressing small children. To those in service to him, though, such as lower-ranking members of the Brotherhood of Bones, Sial is harsh and biting, a leader who brooks no dissent. Sial is a fastidious dresser, wearing all jet-black, layered with a spotless hakama.


Sial Met the PCs in the house of the moon when he assisted them against a Red Mantis Ambush. He explained that he had been watching them for some time. He introduced himself and Asyra as accomplices of Laori Vaus, explaining that she had reported the PCs’ efforts in Old Korvosa to the organization that he and she both belong to. He travels with his chain devil companion Asyra.

He asked for permission to accompany them and observe their methods. Understanding full well that
he’s given the PCs little reason to trust him, and offered his spells as support for their exploration as needed. He admitted to belonging to the Brotherhood of Bones (a mysterious order of scholars and historians that operate within the church of Zon-Kuthon).

Despite remaining unapologetically evil and disturbing,and PCs are right to feel ill at ease in his presence, he has remained not only loyal but helpful with the aid of his magic. While no one has yet to accept his offer, he has also offered chambers in his bone house to the PCs as a place for them to rest as the need arises.

In an effort to avoid further complications he has been following the groups actions in the bone house via scrying to avoid alienating the Shoanti savages.

Shadowcount Sial

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