Sklard Bone Break

Shoanti Fur trader's son


Some Shoanti had established trade with the big cities, selling pelts, meats and spell components harvested from beast surrounding wilds. While in Korvosa with his father selling pelts and materials, his father was approached but some less savory characters about a tax on “his kind” & an offer of protection services. Treating this threat like a challenge in the tribe, Sklard’s father stood his ground & ended up paying for it with his life. Witnessing his father murdered, Sklard burst into a berserker rage, killing 2 of the 3 thugs but not without losing the use of his left eye. Unfortunately, the guards believed the thug’s story about the incident instead of the “foreigners.” Feeling that this barbarian needed a lesson in Korvosian society, he was locked up in Long Acre.

To survive in prison you needed friends, but even though shoanti are humans, they are still outsiders in this place. Luckily, a band of outsiders have formed within these walls to protect itself. A surely dwarf who never stops regaling his friends with stories of his mercenary company exploits, a ½ elf who seems to run endless card trick schemes trying to earn extra rations or favors, & a burly human that wields a table as a shield with these ease that his tribesmen wield a Klar.

Sklard Bone Break

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