Surisa Melnorn

Courtesan working for the House of Clouds.


A fiery redhead with an infectious smile.


Surisa was born without knowing who her father was. Growing up she always told the most fantastic stories. One month her father was a heroic soldier in the Korvosan Guard, and the next, he was a mighty wizard from the Acadamae. The truth was probably far less impressive. Her mother worked as a dealer at the Twin Tigers until Surisa drew the attention of the King of Spiders. In an effort to shield her daughter from the ugly realities of the world she pushed him too far and as a result, was fed to his ettercap.

Scared, and no longer having any place to call her own (or any coin for that matter), she was forced to work at the House of Clouds. Madam Courtney promised to protect her from Devargo as long as she remained. With little alternative, and afraid for her life she agreed to the terms.

Surisa Melnorn

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