Trinia Sabor


Trinia’s innocent eyes, golden hair, and lithe frame set all the castle guards gawking and murmuring as she came and went, and some even swore they caught Eodred gazing wistfully at the girl’s charms on more than one occasion.

Despairing over his slow decline, Eodred’s chamberlain sought frantically for a way to improve the health of his ailing liege. One of his schemes involved securing the service of Trinia Sabor, then a struggling artist, hoping that regular visits from the pretty young artist would raise his spirits.

A Lot has happened since then. She has since decided to accompany the heros; in particular Illendrian Quennore who she has developed strong feeling for. Along with the others, she has been welcomed into the Sklar-Quah. She secretly harbors fears that this journey to save Korvosa is slowly affecting the man she fell in love with an struggles to find ways to help him retain his core values.

Trinia Sabor

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