Zarian Graves

Fighter/Paladin of Sarenrae


2 Ftr.
2 Pal.

Init: 6
Spd: 30ft, 20ft w/ armor
HP: 49
AC: 25/27 (10 + 6 Arm + 5 Shd + 3 Dex. + 1 Dog.) + 2 adj to 2+ allies; Touch 13; FF 21

18 Str. +4
16 Dex. +3
16 Con. +3
14 Int. +2
15 Wis. +2
16 Chr. +3

Fort: 12
Ref: 6 ( + 1 Adj. 2+ allies)
Wis: 8

CMB: 8
CMD: 21
Base Attk: 4

Attk: 7
Earth Breaker: 2d6 + 4 x3

Monkey Grip
Shield Focus
Improved initiative
Extra lay on Hands (x2/day)
Weapon Focus: Earthbreaker

Special Abilities:
Aura of good
Detect Evil
Smite Evil 1/Day
Divine Grace
Lay on Hands 7/Day

Heart of the Streets: + 1Ref Sv & + 2AC w/ 2+Allies adjacent

Climb 8 (-14ap)
Diplomacy 7
Heal 8
~Local 6
~Nobility 6
~Religion 6
Sense Motive 7
Spellcraft 8
Swim 8 (-14ap)

Steel Breastplate: +6 Armor
The Table” T. Shield: +4 AC (5 w/ S. Focus)
The Judge” Earthbreaker: 2d6 + str. x1 1/2 (only Str. x1 w/ Monkey Grip)

Healing Belt
Ring of Feather Fall
~Cure L. Wounds x48
~Cure M. Wounds x32
~Sun Metal x2
~Compel Hostility x2


Their home was above a family store; “Inoscents.” Zarians mother had made quite a name for their store selling homemade candles, oils and incense.
Zarian awoke to raised voices of his parents and few other indiscernible people down in the store later then it was open. This was not the first time this had happened so he tried to go back to sleep but was startled by the thud of something large hitting the floor & the scream and then crying of his mother. With his mother sobbing loudly a male voice was able to be heard as Zarian reached the top of the stairs, “You knew what would happen. You chose this.”
Zarian tried to work up the courage to take a few steps down the stairs to try to see what was going on, but was frozen in his first step as he started to hear the grunts of heavy lifting and the shattering of glass and what he assumed was the book cases and shelves of merchandise hit the floor. He was no able to discern that his family shop was being destroyed.
The voices of the strange men soon developed a panic tone too them. “We were just supposed to send a message, not burn it to the ground…let’s get out of here! “
“They have seen our face, we can’t leave them. “
“Take care of it!”
His mothers’ screams and cries no longer filled the air as the smoke climbed up the stairs towards Zarian. He yelled in a panic and bounded down the stairs to check on his parents. The oils from the broken jars had covered the floor and spread the fire very quickly and blocked any means to get past the bottom of the stairs. His parents were not visible from where he was. For a moment as he ran back up the stairs he thought to himself, “they must have gotten out already.” Frantically he reached under his bed and pulled out his rope. He used this rope to make this climb regularly, but mostly to meet up with a few friends after bedtime, not to flee for his life. Panic was evident in his knot as it gave way ½ way during the climb. Zarian hit the ground hard on his left side knocking the wind from him and hitting his head. Struggling to catch his breath he felt a tiredness come on very quickly. He found his eyes closing despite only crawling but a few feet from the back of the store.
Zarian woke confused and panicked, and found himself in a strange place. He found himself on a cot in a room littered with scrolls, candles & books on the walls and shelves. Despite soreness running down his left side, he got to his feet and fled out the Window at what appeared to be the mornings first light. His family must be looking for him at their home….

- -

The wind of the cold winter night howled through the streets, seeming to give a voice to the city. A young boy lies awake in the warmest alcove he can find on a not so busy street. To him the eerie sounds of the bellowing wind bring back memories of his mother’s cries of helplessness that woke him from a sleep just roughly 2 years prior. His mind lost in reliving that night he did not notice the wrinkled old man who approached and taken interest in him.
“Hello their boy,” spoke the man with a rasp to his voice. “Why are you not at home where it is warm? Your parents must be worried sick about you.”
Wiping a lone partial frozen tear from his face, speaking with a slight sniffle “Pardon me sir, is this your stoop?” Zarian started to roll up his blanket, “I will find another place, no need to Guard sir. I mean no trouble sir.”
“You look like you’re a troubled young lad; I would love to help you if I can. I have a place you can stay if you like.” Looking the boy over noting his size, “you must be what 14-15 years old? No child should be out in the cold with a home to go to. Are you hungry?”
“I am only 12 sir,” Zarian’s eyes widened at the thought of food, “I haven’t eaten in a few days, but I don’t want to be a burden.”
“12? Oh my, yes you will fit in nicely,” spoke the man with a sinister smile appearing on his face. “Nonsense young man, the name’s Gaedren, and I might even have some work for you if you’re that worried about earning your keep w/ me. I might even have some medicine to help that pain go away. ”
“Your kindness is much appreciated sir, I assure you I will earn my keep.”
Old man Lamm handed the young boy a spare coat he had and ushered the boy under his arm towards Old Korvosa. “This boy will be well worth braving the cold night for” he thought to himself, “I think I have found my new shakedown protégé.“

Zarian Graves

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