Zenobia Zenderholm


Known as the Hanging Judge, Zenobia is Korvosa’s senior arbiter. Her reputation is justifiably fearsome among Korvosa’s criminals.

Cold and stern to those who deserve her ire, “Zena” (as her many friends call her) Zenderholm has a justifiably fearsome reputation for inflicting upon criminals some of the harshest (critics say unreasonable) sentences among all the city’s arbiters. Criminals with access to wealth expend small fortunes on lawyers who can avoid having Zenobia try their cases. Even the most callous and hardened criminals quaver in fear when they face her, because they know they have lost their freedom (if not lives).

Zenobia has a softer side, however, and is not without compassion. She doles out relatively light penalties to those who commit crimes from desperation (such as stealing bread to feed a starving family). Despite this infrequent sympathy, Zenobia saves her true compassion for victims of crimes, volunteering her time to help ease the suffering of those she can.

In addition to her role as a senior arbiter, Zenobia also serves as a middle-ranking cleric of Abadar. Both of her roles frequently overlap, such that she uses divination magic to help her discern the truth in cases even as she provides priceless legal advice (for free) to clerics and devout worshipers of the god of cities. When she has time, she volunteers her legal services to the city’s orphanages, as well as aiding them in finding suitable parents for their charges.


Zenobia Zenderholm

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