Curse of the Crimson Throne

Trial of the Totems

In an effort to learn more about Midnight’s Teeth, the group petitioned Cheif Ready-Klar to join the Sklar-Quah. The Sun shaman suggest the trial of the totems. Understanding the need behindthier request, he selected one of the more grueling challenges of his people. His hope being that due to the difficult nature of the task, upon success, the the clan would be that much more accepting of the heroes.

As soon as the sun rose, the PCs had only an hour to select their totems and carry them up onto the westernmost tier of Bolt Rock. Even though each totem was hollow, they’re still were quite heavy at 500 pounds apiece. Employing rope and team work they were able to get thier totems in place at each tier.

Keeping the totems upright for 2 days was a perilous task in and of itself, but unfortunately for them, several other factors combined to make the trial even more arduous.

On the morning of the second day, Krojun returned from
his therapeutic ride through the wilds and paid the PCs a visit. Although initially enraged that invading tshamek were given the opportunity to join the Sklar-Quah, he calmed down considerably when he learned that the Sun Shaman selected a particularly grueling challenge to properly test their mettle and climbed Bolt Rock to see how the they were doing. He was especially impressed by Trinia whom he suspected would have a harder time enduring the trial. Krojun stared at the PCs silently for a few minutes and then begrudgingly complimented them by suggesting they are lucky to have one another as nalharest.

Trail of the totems
As if the trial wasn’t exhausting enough, A pack of bulettes had noticed the PCs, and as the afternoon of the second day of the trial drew toward night, these six bulettes begin circling the ground around Bolt Rock. They managed to slay them without losing any of the totems.

With the third dawn, the Trial of the Totems ended. The Sun Shaman led the entire tribe from Flameford up to Bolt Rock in the pre-dawn hours, and as the sun began to rise, the PCs were greeted with a rousing cheer. These totems represented new brothers and sisters in the Sklar-Quah, an event that was cause for great celebration. Before the jubilation got too out of hand, the Sun Shaman held high his hands for silence, then personally welcomed each of the heroes into the Sklar-Quah.



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