Illendrian's (soon-to-be) loyal animal companion


Standing just over waist height to most humans and tipping the scales at over 130 pounds this dog is intimidating to most, combining remarkable power and swiftness with keen senses of sight and smell. Easygoing and quiet by nature, Wolfhounds are known for their loyalty, affection, patience, and devotion to those with whom they form bonds with.

Though friendly in demeanor, when those they love are threatened Wolfhounds become fiercely protective and display a fearless nature, making them ideal guardians.


Their friendship started by pure happenstance.

While wandering the streets and alleyways looking for his next meal, the Wolfhound ran across two humans fighting. Seeing the younger of the pair injured and in dire straights some instinct tugged at him to intervene & protect the human.

Successfully deterring the attacker, the Wolfhound accompanied the human to a makeshift refuge until fully healed. Contented with himself for helping the human, and with a scratch behind the ears and a fully belly of thanks they parted ways.

Unbeknownst to them both, it wouldn’t be the last time their paths crossed….


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