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A Wounded Silence
At the conclusion of your battle against blood veil, you had gone up against the head of the local cult of Urgathoa – Lady Andaisin – and not only stopped the continued infection of the people of Korvosa, but recovered the means to develop a cure.

In the aftermath of the plague, nearly everyone in the city knows or has heard of you and your help in personally preventing thousands of deaths (Gain +2 bonus all Bluff and Diplomacy checks against Korvosan citizens). Field Marshal Cressidia Kroft, Banker Ishani Dhatri as well as Commandant Marcus Endrin personally thank the PCs for their efforts. In the days after you emerge from the secret Temple of Urgathoa, the Commandant publicly recognizes your efforts with a writ from the Queen (5,000 gp each) and a small public ceremony. The Field Marshal deputizes you as official members of the Korvosan Guard and opens Citadel Volshyenek’s armory to you (each PC can select equipment worth up to 2,500gp, including magic weapons and armor). The Soldados throw a party in Trail’s End for the poorer families there to thank you and offer what possessions they can as thanks.

Doctor Davaulus and his Physicians are publicly denounced for their involvement in the spread of the plague. The Queen has vehemently claimed ignorance to their involvement in the spread of the plague, and any Physicians not in the Hospice when you cleaned house have since been rounded up and executed. Rumors about the city claim that the Queen was involved simply because Davaulus and the Physicians were corrupt, but without hard evidence the majority find it difficult to believe that their queen, however vain and unpleasant, could be the source for such evil. Most of Korvosa’s citizens are simply thankful that the scourge of blood veil has passed, and are eager to get back to their lives. Cressidia and Marcus both caution you against any announcement of your own suspicions without more solid proof that she herself was not a dupe as well. After all, it could have been the ploy of the Cult of Urgathoa as well as the Red Mantis to blame the entire thing on the Queen, in some plot we are unaware of at this time. Too much remains unanswered, but Cressidia assures you she has a contact who is currently investigating the issue.

With the end of blood veil, Korvosa settles into a wounded silence. At first, it seems as if the city is healing and recovering from the tragedies she has suffered, but the damage done during the riots after Eodred II’s death as well as the ravages of the plague may be greater than anyone feared. The streets are dull and muted, strangely empty except for when markets quietly open. People seem more interested in staying home than going out, and when they do they shamble quickly and quietly to their destination and conduct their business swiftly. Ali has found she has little customers to bid her various wares to.

The Order of the Nail has withdrawn to Citadel Vraid for the first time in Korvosa’s history. The Acadamae has kept its doors shut and resources ensconced for the duration, apparently hoping to wait out these troubled times. Gideon and Katherine work with the city temples; their hands full tracking down the last remaining pockets of sick in the city or disposing of the dead. You see a lot of Ishani at this time. He knows his healing, and is one of those assigned to lead the recovery efforts by the Archbanker. He is in touch with you and Cressidia at least once a week.

The Korvosan Guard and Sable Company took staggering hits to both their personnel and morale. The commanders of both organizations talk about recruitment drives to replenish their ranks, but helping Korvosa recover remains their primary goal – a goal made difficult by Queen Ileosa’s reduced support. Yet the queen is not ignoring Korvosa. The energy and support once lent to the Korvosan Guard is now funneled into a new order of peacekeepers – the enigmatic Grey Maidens. Even as the number of Korvosan Guards and Sable Company seems to dwindle, the presence of these armored warrior women increases. Regular patrols of Gray Maidens march along the major streets, and rumors of strike forces breaking into homes and buildings reputed to house those who voiced dissenting opinions of the monarchy are growing. The Bard’s End Inn has suffered a few ‘anonymous tips’ that ended in raids for illegal goods. The Gray Maidens have not yet found cause to arrest Ali and Andi’s parents, but coupled with the overall city morale, the Inn is definitely down on profits.

Old Korvosa remains under tight quarantine, with troops of Gray Maidens stationed along the Narrows and patrolling the Jeggare in swift warships to ensure that no one gets off Endrin Isle – the plumes of smoke as buildings burn and the periodic roars of riots that echo down from Old Korvosa alone are enough to warn away the curious. No one mentions the words “martial law” yet, but they hover on every tongue.

The Queen has announced that soon she will name a new Castle Seneshal to replace Neolandus Kalepopolis, who died so tragically in the initial riots after Eodred IIs death. She will also announce at that time her plans for helping to rebuild the city in the wake of the riots and plague.

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